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2023 Hear Now Palooza
Platinum Award Winner

Audiobook Narration 

"Obedience" By Liza Snow

"I love working with Roo as a voice over artist..."

"I love working with Roo as the voice over artist for my YouTube channel. She's professional, fast, reliable, efficient and enjoyable to work with. Roo is the best for your voice over needs!"



"A stand-up person, a true professional voice artist..."

"You will not work with a more professional, hard-working, kind and attentive voiceover artist than Roo. I had the privilege of working with her for 2 months on my audiobook, and she was absolutely phenomenal. She has a tremendous work ethic, gives 110% with everything she does. And she is also gifted with one of the most beautiful, distinctive voices that I have ever heard. If you are looking for someone truly unique and memorable to voice your project, look no further than Roo. She also is amazing to work with as part of a collaborative group, we all worked on the project as a team and she was very vocal and helpful throughout the whole project. A stand-up person, a true professional voice artist, and a beautiful human being. Check her out, you won't be disappointed!"

-Liza Snow, author of Obedience

"Through her voice you can tell she always gives it her all..."

"Roo is an amazing voice over artist and she is such a delight to work with! Roo is passionate about her craft. Through her voice you can tell she always gives it her all. Roo is so versatile when It comes to voice acting it's quite astonishing. I am 100% certain one day she will be in the big leagues voicing Pixar and Disney characters because with her ambition, talent and work ethic the sky is the limit."



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